Build Your Art App
Artists, Galleries & Dealers

Ideal for Showcasing Collections, New Arrivals, Exhibits, Artists

Improve Engagement, Sales & Awareness

Send Push Notifications to Create Awareness

Catalog of artwork

Display artworks, artwork details, artist bio, info sheets, exhibit information.  

Event Management

Manage gallery event’s, sell exhibit tickets in app. Create Categories & Genres, Add Organizers & Display Artists/Speakers and Collect User Data

Analytics of Exhibit or Event Attendance

Send Push, Email & In App Messaging

Engage your followers and make them aware of exhibits, showcases and specials.

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Include More Features to Bring Additional Eyes to Your Art & Exhibits


Create engagement by adding the gallery feature. Followers can view in App as well as Invite friends through social messaging apps to view galleries inside the app.

Audio / Podcast

Add Artist Interviews


Include one or many needed images and documents for attendees to access and or download easily.

Social Chat wall

Animate your Art App with its own social network Your users can post and send photos, geolocate other users’ photos and comment their posts.


Add a touch of multimedia within your art app. Upload or integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Podcasts

Banners for Sponsors & Advertisement

Input banner images with sliders for new collections, event sponsors and advertisers.


Collect feedback from users to anything you want. Create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers. Export data and users answers in csv files and build beautiful reports with charts and graphics.

Loyalty card

Implement our Loyalty Card program allowing rewards on dollars spent or referrals. Your users will appreciate it.


Display a list of artists along with a bio, cv, Image and other information. Can be used in our event feature for exhibits.

pop up smart ads

Display targeted full screen in-app ads to your enthusiasts.

Content Lock

Lock a portion of your apps content. Maybe you have an area that's free and one for monthly paid subscribers or MVP's. The locked area gains your user's access to monthly exhibit passes or anything you want for your MVP's. Now your app is generating revenue as well as creating value.

Topics & push notifications

Create Topics your users can subscribe to, allowing you to send Push Notifications and In App Messages.

Qr Code / manual ticket validation

Have your gallery manager scan and validate ticket and/or check in.


Offer art or merchandise for purchase. Users can search and create a favorites collection of art.


Implement a powerful appointment scheduler & booking machine to your app.

Share App

Users can share your app and gain you more exposure.


With our Classifieds module, users can list and sell their art to other users of the app. This gives them an engaged audience of people who are interested in art, and it allows them to get the most out of their work. Plus, it's a great way to connect with other artists and learn from each other.

Loyalty card

Implement our Loyalty Card program allowing rewards on dollars spent, event attendance or referrals. Your users will appreciate it.

Art App Faq's

Art App's frequent questions and answers

Yes, even after your events are live you can edit from your platform as well as remotely from a mobile device.

Yes, of course. Simply add the event feature to your company app. Let’s say you own an art gallery, and you have monthly exhibits, you could simply add the feature to your business’s app. 

Any way you’d like. Sell tickets, Artwork, also allow advertising, or paid sponsors. Implement our admob feature. Most importantly you’re growing your user base with every event to maximize revenue and exposure.

No, our prices do not change regardless of what type of app you create. We do recommend you sign up for the business plan to access all premium features.

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