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Ideal for Memberships, Scheduling, Meal Plans, Training Videos, Step by Step Custom Workout Tutorials, Gym Locator. Build a fitness app for iOS, Android and or Web App.



Improve Engagement, Sales & Healthy Lifestyles

Create an around the clock business

Extend Your Reach Worldwide

With a mobile or web application, prospects are now able to easily access your services from anywhere. Allow your members to sign up for memberships with unlimited access to video training, tailor-made exercises, to-do lists, custom meal plans, 30-day challenges, and more. Charge a monthly or weekly fee and create income while you sleep.

Appointment & Event Management

Both of these features let you control appointments and bookings using your schedule to host or add local events which you can cross promote. Create and sell tickets for these events and, at the same time, schedule trainers and nutritionists. You can even choose a designated spot for your industry associates to promote their services and display their expertise. Now you have a two-way referral highway.

Send Push, Inbox & Real Time In App Messaging

Engage your customers and clients with a push notification by means of offers, activities, or the simple fact that you’ll be bringing your holiday break to an end. No need to use a CRM system, contact database, or texting program to send a message or a picture. Through your branded app, send messages by way of the Inbox or In-app messaging (chat) feature.

Include These Features and Up Your Game

Video Workouts

Implement motivational and workout demonstration videos by uploading or use our plug in to access YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Audio / Podcast

Add your motivational podcasts from iTunes, RSS or simply upload.


Create engagement by adding the gallery feature. Clients can view in App as well as be incentivized to add their own. Clients can invite friends through social messaging apps to view galleries inside the app.


Include one or many needed manuals, eBooks and documents for client access to view or download easily.

Social Chat Wall

Animate your gym or your worldwide client base with its own social network Your users can post and send photos, geolocate other users’ photos and comment on their posts.

Banners for Sponsors & Advertisement

Input banner images with sliders for your services as well as sponsors & industry professionals.


Collect feedback from users on anything you need insight. Create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers. Export data and users answers in csv files and build beautiful reports with charts and graphics.

Mobile App Management

Manage your APP directly from your Mobile Phone, without accessing our platform editor. You can send out a push, add pictures from your mobile camera, manage galleries manage coupons, manage the calendar & manage social wall.

Pop Up Smart Ads

Display targeted full screen in-app ads to your clients.

Content Lock

Place a portion of the apps' content behind a member's area. You might have a section on the app that's free for prospective clients. Then have another portion of your app for paid members. Perhaps a locked "subscription area" has video clips, meal plans, and more. Now your app continues to generate revenue and offers brand experiences constantly, irrespective of what time of day or what day of the week.

Topics & Push Notifications

Create Topics your users can subscribe to, allowing you to send Push Notifications and In App Messages. Send globally to all users or send to one with our individual push feature.

Club Card

Have your manager scan, validate membership and/or check in. (Must request)


Offer branded merchandise or list of services for purchase.

Appointment Professional

Implement a powerful appointment scheduler & booking machine to your app. Allow for individual appointments or class booking.

Share App

Users can share your app and gain you more exposure. You can also add QR codes to everything to make it easy to download the app.


List ongoing events and classes with in-app links to register. List anything you'd lime your members to attend.

Loyalty Card

You might benefit from our Loyalty Card program, where the frequency of visits, number of goals achieved, or client referrals result in rewards. Choose how the users will partake in this program, they'll appreciate it.

Take your fitness business to the next level and train from everywhere!

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Fitness App Faq's

Fitness App Builder frequent questions and answers

Yes, even after your app is live you can edit from your platform as well as remotely from a mobile device. Be aware if your app is in the app stores some changes to layouts, templates and app name may require republishing. If your app is strictly on the web no need to worry.

Yes, of course. Simply add the event feature to your company app. Let’s say you own an art gallery, and you have monthly exhibits, you could simply add the feature to your business’s app. 

Any way you’d like. Sell memberships, also allow advertising, or paid sponsors. Implement our admob feature. Most importantly you’re growing your user base therefore maximizing revenue and exposure.

No, our prices do not change regardless of what type of app you create. We do recommend you sign up for the business plan to access all the premium and future features.

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