What are push notifications and why they are necessary?

Push notifications are a feature of many apps that allow them to send updates and information to users in real-time. While they can be used for everything from sending special offers to updating users on new content, they are also an important tool for communicating with your audience and keeping them engaged. In this post, we’ll take a look at what push notifications are and why they are such an important part of any app strategy.


What are push notifications?

There are many definitions of push notifications, but in general, they are notifications that are sent to a user’s device even if the app isn’t open. This type of notification is ideal for keeping users updated on important events or updates, without having to constantly check the app.

Push notifications can be sent through a variety of channels like smart watches, mobile phones, tablets and even desktop computers.

What is the benefit of sending push notifications?

Push notifications offer a number of benefits over other communication channels, like email or text messages.

For one, push notifications are more immediate and can be delivered even if the user’s device is turned off. This means that users are more likely to see and act on them in a timely manner.

What are the click rates and delivery of push notifications?

Push notifications have an extremely high delivery rate, since they are delivered directly to the user’s device. Click rates will depend on the content of the notification and the overall engagement of your app. However, push notifications typically have higher click-through rates than other communication channels like email or text messages.

Statistics show that the shorter the message the better chance of a click through. On average 10 words or less has an average click rate of 8% while messages with 11-15 words have a 5.5% CTR, and 16 words or more drops the CTR down to 3.2%.

One study found that when app users were sent push notifications about product updates, there was a staggering open rate of 96 percent and a click-through rate of 8 percent. So, it’s evident that those loyal customers are definitely checking their push notifications to see what’s new.

When it comes to designing your push notification, there are a few key elements to consider that will help increase those all-important metrics like open and click-through rates.

Let’s take a look at some of those now:

1. The headline or title of your notification is extremely important to ensure your users have a clear idea of what the notification is about. A good headline should be short, sweet and to the point – around 10 words or less.

2. The message body is where you can provide a little more detail about the content of your notification. Again, keep it short and sweet – around 20 words or less.

3. Use rich image that matches your message and branding.

4. Make sure to use a CTA or call-to-action to encourage users to take the desired action, whether it’s clicking through to your content or subscribing to your notifications.

5. Use urgency and scarcity, when possible, to create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

6. Test you campaign and click rates to see what works best for your audience.

7. Always be sure to A/B test notifications to see which ones perform the best.

8. Keep track of your click-through rates and conversions to see how well your notifications are performing.

9. Regularly revise and update your notifications to keep users engaged.


If you’re still not sure whether push notifications are worth the investment, consider that they have a click-through rate of around 45%. That means almost half of people who receive a push notification will open the app in response. Considering that 79% of smartphone users have their devices within arm’s reach 24/7, it’s clear that push notifications are one of the most effective ways to drive engagement with your mobile app. Ready to create a mobile strategy for your business? Contact us today and we can help get you started!

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